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What Sets Us Apart

The Landsman Law Group has worked almost exclusively in the legal problems related to aging and disability including Medicaid planning and eligibility, estate planning and special needs trusts, guardianship and conservatorship, and probate.

We practice in Washington, D.C., and the Maryland suburbs, primarily Montgomery, Frederick and Prince George’s County. We work mostly with individual clients but have also been involved in class action litigation in Maryland and D.C.

Our Mission:

  • Exceed client expectations by providing consistently excellent legal services for the elderly and disabled and their families with warmth, sensitivity, honesty and clarity.

  • Stay current by practice, reading, and study.

  • Create systems to generate consistently excellent documents and to deliver services timely and efficiently.

  • Work cooperatively among ourselves and with clients and expect of our clients the same in working with us.

  • Listen to our clients carefully and respectfully and to respond promptly.


  • Create a setting that reflects the professionalism of the work we do and the care with which we serve our clients.

"I just received the good news from you and your firm today that my parents were approved for Medicaid thanks to your superior work and unwavering dedication. I wanted to write to express more than my heartfelt thanks to you for everything you have done for my family and me. Also, since I have written many times during these past months, about questions, concerns and my other issues that I was nervous or concerned about; yet you have never failed to take the time to get back to me on all counts and thoroughly explain the next steps to me. I am sincerely grateful to you and do not forget those who have helped me in life. It would have been impossible to care for my parents without your knowledge, support and compassion. I am deeply indebted to you and extend my heartfelt thanks to you."

 - Gary M. | Washington, DC

Our Promise

Our clients see us when their lives are troubled by death or disability of someone they love and they need something beyond correct legal advice. By keeping these principles at the center of everything we do here at Landsman Law Group, we promise to treat our clients with compassion and dignity.


Our task is to achieve the lawful goals sought by our clients. We do not shy away from difficult cases, but neither do we let clients be drawn into unwanted disputes.


We seek to do excellent work at all times, but if we don’t do it right the first time, we will fix it on our time and at our expense.


When we have a dispute with clients, we go out of our way to be fair and sympathetic to their views because that is the right thing to do.


When there is a problem, we tell the client, and then promptly offer to work on how to solve it.


Life is too short not to laugh a lot with clients over our common oddities and struggles, when the time is right.


Clients come to us when they are worried and seek our help exactly because we know the rules and they do not. We strive to answer all of their questions with patience and kindness.


Our strengths as a team  are competence, perseverance, and integrity.  The team provides guidance, structure and support to enable individuals to do their best work.


It may be law to us, but to our clients, it is their lives. We respect the gravity of the problems they bring to us and give their work the attention it deserves.


Honesty and Respect are essential elements of our practice: we expect it of ourselves and of our clients.


We go as slow as they need, strive to be patient, listen carefully, and respond to their questions and their concerns as we hope the advisors for our parents and spouses would.

Meet Our Team

Our firm is proud to have assembled a team of talented attorneys who deliver consistently excellent legal services for the elderly and disabled and their families. Our mission is to operate on the principles of warmth, sensitivity, honesty and clarity.

Our attorneys specialize in all aspects of Elder and Disability law, including Medicaid, Estate Planning, Guardianship, and Probate, Estate, and Trust Administration. 

We would be happy to assist you with your legal needs.

Click the profiles to learn more about each member of our exceptional team and reach out directly. Not sure where to start? Our talented staff would be happy to direct your inquiry.

Helen M. Whelan
Erin A Mahony
Managing Attorney
May-Lis Manley
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