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In Loving Memory

We are sad to inform you that Ron M. Landsman passed away on Saturday, March 4th, 2023, due to complications from a bone marrow transplant he underwent at the beginning of February. As many of you may know, Ron had been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia since May, 2021, exacerbated by multiple bouts of long Covid.

Ron established the eponymous Ron M. Landsman, P.A., now known as the Landsman Law Group, in 1991. He was a titan in the field of elder law and generously shared his vast knowledge with others, both in and outside of our firm. Ron’s kind heart and ebullient spirit will be greatly missed.

The remaining partners at Landsman Law Group - Erin A. Mahony, May-Lis Manley, Helen M. Whelan, and Edward M. Biggin - along with the rest of our firm, will continue providing the same level of commitment and exemplary service to our clients while remaining active in the elder law community as a whole.


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