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Elder Law and You

Elder Law answers the concerns most of us have who are in or nearing retirement or whose parents are elderly. Elder Law addresses and answers a broad range of their concerns – planning for the rest of their lives, planning what happens to their estate after their passing – especially if there is a disabled child, addressing our greatest single financial risk, the need for long term institutional care. In a lively hour presentation, we will discuss

☞ the basic tools for planning the rest of your life, how to use them, and what your family can do if you don’t have these in place.

☞ the basic tools for planning your estate, why probate is like Brer Rabbit’s briar patch – not so bad for those who know their way around – and other useful things.

☞ how to deal with Medicaid’s after-the-fact right to recover back from your estate what it paid for your care.

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How an Elder Law Attorney Can Enhance the Services of Lawyers, Certified Public Accountants, and Financial Planners

Date and venue to be determined!

We will provide complementary continental breakfast.

These free programs are presented by Ron M. Landsman,
Fellow and Founding Member, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

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